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Overview of the Grangehurst Super Futures

When I started Grangehurst Winery in 1992, I offered 100 debentures to investors who received an allocation of wines over a 5 year period. Subsequently, 3 futures options were offered - and fully subscribed - whereby investors paid up front for future supplies of wine. Many debentureholders and futuresholders have told me that these investments "have been one of the best they've ever made". I'm often asked when we are going to offer more futures, and this has led to the "Super Futures" Offer.

A super premium 15 barrel blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot & Petit Verdot will be produced almost exclusively for Super Futuresholders (SFH). The maximum production of this wine will be 375 cases of which 225 cases will be for SFH's, 15 for Grangehurst's vinoteque and the balance of 135 cases will be available for other customers. These "Private Collection" vintages will be Grangehurst's flagship wine - similar in quality to the exclusive Cape Winemakers Guild wines that are only available at the annual CWG auction.

Since our maiden vintage in 1992, wines produced at Grangehurst have received the trophy for the SA Champion Wine, the first 5-star rating for a red wine by Wine Magazine, the only CWG wine to be rated 5-stars by Wine Magazine, the only Pinotage (Hidden Valley) to be rated 5-stars by Wine Magazine as well as a Platter 5-star award for Grangehurst Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blend; and the Nikela has received a 92-point Parker rating (USA).

Grangehurst wines have a good track record - wines of pedigree that are amongst the best examples of South African wines that can improve and last for 10 years or more. My goal with the Super Futures "Private Collection" vintages is to provide SFH's with top quality wines - wines that will stand tall when compared with the great wines of South Africa and the world.

I look forward to welcoming you as one of Grangehurst's 225 Suoer Futuresholders - and providing you with 4 vintages of super premium wines.


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