Wine club

At Grangehurst, we celebrate the relationships that our wines have helped us to make, and we invite you to connect with us by becoming part of the Grangehurst Wine Club.

To join our club, you can simply provide us with your contact details and place a minimum order of 24 bottles with us. After that, all it takes is a minimum order of 24 bottles for each subsequent 12 month period that you wish to stay on as a member.

There will be no membership fee, and you’ll continue to be a club member provided that you order at least 24 bottles of wine per year.

When you join our club, you will receive:

  • a 15% discount on all the wines that you order (subject to an initial order of 24 bottles or 12 magnums);
  • an insulated Grangehurst wine carrier bag that can hold six bottles;
  • special prices for personalised and custom orders of large format bottles (these are available in 3, 5, 6, or 9-litre options).

If you visit us as a club member, we’ll also treat you to:

  • a special accommodation tariff in one of our self-catering cottages, where you can stay for 3 nights but only pay for 2 nights (subject to availability, from May 1st to August 31st);
  • a complimentary bottle of our rosé and one of our red wines when you stay with us;
  • a special reserve wine tasting when you visit Grangehurst winery (these wines are not part of our regular cellar door tastings).

Please note that the above benefits come with the following provisos:

As we specialise in red wines, you may order a maximum of 6 bottles of rosé as part of the 24 bottle membership order.

If you order more than 24 bottles per 12 month period, the prices of the additional wines will also be less 15%.

If you order magnums as part of the order, then each magnum will count as 2 bottles.

Delivery costs are not included, but we will find the best delivery prices for you.

While the number of new members who join Grangehurst Wine Club may be restricted, existing members shall remain entitled to the benefits for as long as they renew their membership by ordering 24 bottles for each 12 month period.

To join our wine club or find out more, please contact us at